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What We Do

The landscape for film finance has changed radically. Today, successful independent film producers must cobble together film financing from a variety of sources:

1. Private equity investors comfortable with film investing

2. Soft-money motion picture funding from U.S. state tax incentives

3. International film co-productions from the UK, Canada, EU, and elsewhere

4. Foreign territory pre-sales, video, DVD, television, & other distribution rights

5. Studio financing, production company backing, and distribution deals

The film industry is dominated by major players in financing, production, distribution, and marketing. These dynamics make it very difficult for independent filmmakers to gain a foothold and make their film vision a reality.

Our goal is to help you level the playing field. By providing filmmakers with information, resources, consulting, distribution and financing. We will do everything we can to help get your movie made.

Our areas of expertise in the motion picture industry include:

Film Financing                               Film Distribution

Film Marketing Strategies               Film Festivals

Theatrical Distribution                     DVD Distribution

Television Sales                             Pre-Sales

P&A Funding                                 Gap & Tax Incentive Funding

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